About Us

Hall of Fame Sports was founded to be the leading retailer for genuine authentic Sports Memorabilia at reasonable prices to allow everyone the opportunity to own genuine authentic sports memorabilia.

As stated on our Simply Authentic page, all of our signatures are authentic and we stand by each and every one. You can feel confident that you are purchasing and receiving genuine autographs that have been witnessed by us and/or a trusted third-party authenticator.

Buy reasonably and with confidence with our “Simply Authentic” policy.

“Simply Authentic” defines the genesis of our Hall of Fame Sports brand. It has driven us to become an industry leader in offering authentic memorabilia across the entire spectrum of sports. No matter what venue our valued customers buy with confidence knowing that our “Simply Authentic” is a double prong guarantee - and that guarantee is from the date of purchase until forever.

Having grown from a simple garage, we now occupy a major facility with all of our associates committed to first-class customer service. We are committed to ensure that all of those who trust us by placing an order, obtain exceptional customer experience along with our “Simply Authentic” guarantee. We value you and will do everything in our purview to make your purchase experience an exceptional one.