Simply Authentic

Our pledge is very simple -- everything we sell is “Simply Authentic". Accompanying every item is a  Certificate of Authenticity (COA) or a tamper evident Hologram. Most of the time the item has both the COA and Hologram.

Unlike many retailers, we DO NOT manufacture COAs. Our "Simply Authentic" carries with it an independent, top-tier, third-party certification. These professional authenticators (JSA, PSA, TriStar, Steiner and others) are in the primary business of authenticating signatures. We partner with them for witnessing and authenticating our items. Almost always a representative is actually present to witness the signature.

"Simply Authentic" carries two guarantees on the signature -- ours and the third-party authenticator. You need to trust what you are buying and "Simply Authentic" provides that level of trust from the date of purchase until forever.